Please Riot undo my name change (Serious please read Rito)

So I'm Kayle main and I really love this champ currently I'm in Gold and have a 60% winrate with her in over 200 games this season. After saving 14k IP I thought it would be a really good idea to change my summoner name to one that shows everyone how much I really love this champion. This however was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my lol career because when I play and end up going 0/6 in 20 minutes my team every time flames me cause "I'm playing like a noob on my main champ". Now I feel like my team expects me to carry them every game when when they see my Kayle related summoners name, lvl 7 mastery and aether wing kayle skin. It's been less than 7 days since my name change and since then I've already recieved my first ever 10 game chat restriction. Just to point out when I recieved the chat logs for my restriction I noticed they were for the games I played badly on Kayle, not trying to justify my action but this never happened before my name change which was less than a week ago. So riot please undo my name change and refund my ip or just give me another name change. Thanks for reading.
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