10 game chat restriction. Please tell me how to make that chat window vanished.

So I had 10 game chat restriction again after long time. I wont say I didnt deserve it. But I flamed 1 game and I got flamed 100 games. I dont understand why others never get restricted. Also by the way does anybody know how we can make that chat window disappear? I am tired every time of other people flaming, they make me flame too on some occasions. Or any other idea how to make me stop tilting in toxicity. Thanks. > Game 1 > Pordokratoras: y > Pordokratoras: sounds weird > Pordokratoras: he was there > Pordokratoras: u should stay bush side > Pordokratoras: its ok > Pordokratoras: ward map > Pordokratoras: go ward soraka > Pordokratoras: or go mid heal > Pordokratoras: tf > Pordokratoras: rengar > Pordokratoras: can u gang plase? > Pordokratoras: 14 min 0 gangs > Pordokratoras: i didnt push now > Pordokratoras: their fakin combo > Pordokratoras: squishy team > Pordokratoras: rengar > Pordokratoras: with rengar u hit lvl 6 then u gang bot > Pordokratoras: vayne > Pordokratoras: skoupidi eisai > Pordokratoras: diegrapse to lol > Pordokratoras: gamo tin mana sou > Pordokratoras: karkiniariko plasma > Pordokratoras: report vayne ty > Pordokratoras: feeding > Pordokratoras: ante gamisou k esy poutana p tha ams matheis > Pordokratoras: i had zero gangs > Pordokratoras: paw stin mana sou > Pordokratoras: afou se exei feedarei i karkiniasmeni i vayne > Pordokratoras: 5 gangs top eixe k feedare ton kwlo tis > Pordokratoras: karkino tis euxomai > Pordokratoras: stfu rengar > Pordokratoras: or i report u too > Pordokratoras: zip it > Pordokratoras: 0 gangs > Pordokratoras: 0 jg > Pordokratoras: please report that vayne ty > Pordokratoras: feeding > Pordokratoras: rengar > Pordokratoras: pethane twra > Pordokratoras: skoupidi > Pordokratoras: i would win bot > Pordokratoras: if i had proper jg > Pordokratoras: tin mana sou tin pairnw epi 2 meres apo 8 fores vlaka > Pordokratoras: pou milas kiolas > Pordokratoras: katoura k ligo > Pordokratoras: einai to xeirotero m lane k ton kerdiza tn diko sas > Pordokratoras: karkiniasmeno game > Pordokratoras: eilikrina > Pordokratoras: report vayne ty > Pordokratoras: and rengar too > Pordokratoras: skase karkine > Pordokratoras: min milas > Pordokratoras: voulwne

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