Petition to get Riot Lyte fired

I hope I get your attention by saying this, but as of late I am experiencing MORE & MORE leavers because the team underperforms (but not impossible to win) Not to mention people who actually troll in my games. I don't see any improvement from player behaviour, I don't notice people getting banned because I report them. I don't see ANYTHING you say come to fruition. Literally in high diamond people are ruining games because they think they will lose and this attitude is sucking the fun out of this game. So why not get you fired? Because literally, f*ck all is happening in these games and you still have a job that is not improving this game. The only thing people experience are chatrestrictions and rankedrestrictions. But those are only given for verbal abuse. And lets be honest, people are afraid to say anything because BAM you get a chat restriction for giving criticism. So what is the best alternative, yes they leave. They do not solve the issue of poisonous gameplay. This sh*t happens when people are not allowed to play "their" lanes. The point I am trying to make is that this game is getting less and less fun because of bad attitudes towards the game and their inability to adapt. In my honest opinion, if a person leaves a game because he no longer sees the team having a winning chance, and I report that said assh*le, I expect that person to be banned for at least 3 days because I think it is unacceptable (shit I raged so hard after a leaver a few days ago, that on Skype I shouted my lungs out to a friend. After that I just quit the game and went out because that is how much this shit is getting to me and my progression, and f*ck it I will take that 3 day ban because I think I deserve it and this is the first time I left because of pure rage from a leaver) So if I am willing to take this punishment, I think other people should get it as well if they truly go AFK/leave. I don't want these scumbags in my team nor should they be allowed to play this game period. So to finish my rant off, what empty promise will you make to correct this behaviour? Because in all seriousness, you have been doing this work for nearly 3 years I believe and the only thing we have seen is an increase in fear for communicating because people call everything "flame".

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