Was i toxic?

[6:21] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WTF? [6:24] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WH OP IN GS (I got randomly pinged by my teammates a lot of times) [7:15] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): ekko bot [8:58] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): yasuo no flash [11:34] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): riot nerf flash please [11:38] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you two got out [11:40] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): bc of flash [14:10] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): help olaf [14:14] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): bot and mid handle your shit [14:16] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): i vcamp top [14:28] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): Yasuo [14:33] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you know oyu are winnign atm cuz of dc (I was mad that Yasuo killed Olaf twice because Olaf Bad a DC !Not SportsmanLike!) [15:57] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): get mid [15:58] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): i def [16:01] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): with ahri [16:36] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): ayy [16:37] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): lmao [16:48] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): ahri [16:50] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you remember me? [20:01] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): group focus yasuo [21:38] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): vayne (Vayne started to say that my engages were bad soi started to help vaytwitch [21:39] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): dont go [21:41] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): melee mode [25:04] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): baron [25:05] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): baron [25:06] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): baron [25:07] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): b aron [25:08] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): baron (We were ahead like 10 kills) [25:51] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): so low [25:55] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): vayne [25:56] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): again [25:57] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you always [25:59] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): go melee mode [26:00] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): stop it [26:16] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): get defense then ffs [26:39] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): THEN GET DEFENSE FFS [27:19] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): instead of bf [27:21] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): qss... [27:44] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): btw you lose agaisnt a 1/6 twitch (Vayne started flaming olaf since he fed yasuo for getting one shot by Yasuo ult so i started telling her qss) [27:56] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): they havem ore gold than we do [29:05] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you guys are blind asf (Now i started being toxic because we threw the game and everyone started flaming) [30:01] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): wtf [30:02] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): get zhonyas [30:04] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): LOL [30:52] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): GROUP [30:54] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): AND ENGAGE [31:42] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): ar you serious [31:43] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): why not engage [32:01] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WHYYY (Thresh trolls: He flashes on purpose out of lantern Range so i cant take it. After that i died) [32:03]HoLeeKebab(wukong)WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY [32:04] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): LATNER [32:06] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY [32:11] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WHYYYY [32:12] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): OMFG [32:15] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WHYYYYYY [32:30] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you guys are bad (second time i got toxic) [32:32] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): nothing else [32:37] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): not yasuo or sth [32:39] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): #DUDE NO [32:40] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): YOU TOOK [32:43] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): THE LANTERN AWAY [32:45] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): SO I DIE [32:54] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): WHY DID YOU GO OUT OF RANGE [32:58] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): AND THSI VAYNE§ [33:02] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): DOESNT EVEN BUILD QSS [33:04] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): AGAISNT YASUO AND ORI [33:20] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): i am afk in jgl [33:20] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): cya ( i needed 200 for item) [33:49] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): NICE [33:51] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): GJ BOTLANE (Vayne got a tripple kill on bot) [34:33] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): adn we can ff agian :-) (My teammates didnt want to play anymore so i said this sarcasticly) [34:38] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): basically oalf lost this [35:12] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): believe that i lsoe agaisnt this twith (He bmed me all the time and started sayint racist things) [35:16] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): and olaf afk again :DD [35:20] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): im loving it [35:48] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): idc anymore [36:50] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): ye [36:53] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): 60 s cd [36:54] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): nice# [37:06] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): no [37:08] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): you threw the game (Everyonr gives me the fault that we lost this game since im the jungler so i try to defend myself) [37:13] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): thats why i m poking u [42:19] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): group [43:01] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): flash in 1 min [43:38] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): wtf [43:39] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): go bnack [44:26] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): 0 wards [45:37] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): LOL [45:39] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): my team [45:42] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): summarzied [46:42] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): we dont hav a single ward in jgl [48:07] [All] HoLeeKebab (Wukong): gg just report thresh for offensive language
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