PLEASE can we get some manual account checks?

Everyone knows how bad the problem with trolls is - they aren't ever banned . I was playing on my account in diamond elo, and there's crazy amounts of trolling. The worst part is that because it's diamond , you'll usually get at least 2 people from your last game in your next game. You tend to get the same people a ton. One of them is a jungler who, self admittedly, intentionally tries to tilt his team and make them flame him so he can get them banned. He's admitted ALL of it in chat, post game lobby and in personal messages to me. He even said he has a youtube channel and posts it. He pretty much plays normally, but does his best to find an excuse to threaten to AFK or troll. In my last game, we were stomping VERY hard, and because we didn't end by 20 minutes he said he would AFK farm and make us lose. He then did his best to make the whole team argue and succeeded (We won miraculously). I have had this guy in three games in the past two days and he's done the same thing. He does it in all of his games and likely gets reported very often. Another is a VERY tilted jungler who AFK farms. He starts champ select by saying "i don't want to play", picks something like Xin or Yi, and AFK farms while repeating "i don't want to play" and questionmark pinging the team / spamming items. He literlally does nothing. He doesn't gank anyone. He doesn't teamfight, doesn't take any objectives, he just farms and tilts. The other is a boosted player who talks trash constantly in all chat. He is plat 1 with diamond MMR. If you look through his history, you'll find in almost all the games he plays OTHER than twitch, he feeds VERY badly and has almost an 80% lossrate on anything but twitch. When he falls too low, he starts to either A) play twitch and miraculously win 10-15 games in a row, or B) duoqueue with a twitch player, play a support top and let the twitch player carry. It's insanely obvious it's the same twitch player logging into his account and boosting him. The highest winrate he has (solo) on anything other than twitch is 22%. There's a Kha'zix main who deliberately loses the game if ONE person goes wrong. I have played with him three times and 2/3 games he did it. He's well known for doing it - the first time I played with him my toplaner pleaded us to dodge. At level 1 I missed a bindnig, so he said "Morgana is trolling, I will too" and started int feeding, then went afk. There's a duoqueue who play Singed support w/ smite and Ivern top with smite. Both of them seem to AFK frequently. I have played with them once - Singed invaded on his own level 1, died, and 5 minutes later him and his premade went AFK. They frequently appear to AFK. There's also TONS of self admitted boosted players, such as the Twitch I have played with twice yesterday. He's an ADC main who plays TERRIBLY (as if he's around silver level), feeds hard and doesn't CS. He often does the lowest damage in the game. He has admitted more than once that he's silver and it's his "brothers account" (he bought it) - why is he not punished? He's admitting to account sharing at the last. Why is nobody from riot committed to manually checking his account? Shouldn't these people all be flagged? I have played with them many times and EVERY time I play with them I report them, as does my whole team. It's Diamond - these people are well known and more annoyingly seem to appear in at least a quarter of my games. Why are they not banned? The Jungler I first mentioned said he's been doing it for a long time and he avoids a ban by being very specific with what he says. Find a new system, please. Hire some people to manually check accounts with many reports.

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