trolls in champ select...

its nice that riot are reinforcing leaver buster for dc's and automated tribunal, executing punishments on those who might have been reported by trolls despite no backing.. but what about the real issue?? champ select trolls is probably a bigger issue than ingame shit. mainly because they can pick any trollish champion in an unsuitable composition e.g. yi support or 2 mid/jung etc. what I'm saying is that why hasn't riot enabled some way to avoid games with trolls or a vote sytem that popular vote gives a way to kick a troll from champ select. sure you can report them end game but how much impact will that even have. do i know everyone else will report them. do i know they will even be punished and not let of the hook. also i shouldnt have to lose all that lp for no reason. thanks if u read this give me some thoughts
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