Thanks for everything. Good bye.

Good day folks. I hope everyone is fine. I been playing this game since season 1. On and off, semi serious, whatever. Just having fun. Anyway, the fun part is gone now. Before each and every game I find myself wondering whether I will have 3 or 4 feeders. Its a gamble. 3 feeders means I can win. However, usually its 3 hard feeders and one player with a score of 3/6 or something. Meanwhile I am tryharding every game, every aram, every ranked game. I take whatever I do seriously, irl or online. I want to contribute to the team in whatever way I can. I always end up having the most farm (i am talking about 100 minion difference between me and all 4 of my team mates) and focus objectives over chasing people into dark unwarded jungle, whilst my team wants to ignore huge minion waves pushing both lanes and go aram mid instead. Every game. It seems like now, it doesn't matter how good I play or how bad. If I play bad, sometimes I win, but when I play good I almost always lose. What the %%%% is that? In 90% of my games i have a positive score and usually a potential to carry the game (if only I have at least 1 other team mate who isn't flaming and feeding). But like I said its a massive gamble, because usually its all 4 cretins that can't even last hit a minion and have about 100 farm at 30 min mark. There is so much wrong with the game, yes, but there is a lot of good and fun about it. At least there used to be. Now its all about whether the gods of match making will look upon me and shed their mercy. This is the type of game where all 5 people have to respect each other's time and effort, but some of you, unfortunately, are just spoilt man babies who never had a day of hardship in your life, so you are unable to have the most basic manners and fail at even farming AI minions... Let alone understanding map control and long macro game. It is like... if you are in a house of 5 people and you have another 1 person doing all the work and paying the rent, have some manners and at least take out the garbage or make the man a coffee before work. But like I said, most of you are bred by easy life, and easy life breeds cretins so you are unable to even understand the simple concept of contribution and respect. Like I said, I am just an average plat player. I am not smarter or stronger than anyone. So why is that some of you play like you have 1 eye and 4 fingers? I refuse to believe that your brains are inferior to mine. I am able to do the most basic things like: warding and farming safely. Why can't you? Is my brain superior to yours in anyway? No it isn't. You are choosing to be a cretin. I hate it say this but... At the end I think the matchmaking system is ruining everyone's experience. And don't tell me about ''anyone can have a bad game''. Yes anyone can have a bad game, but it is also easy to see players who are just total trash and should resume playing runescape because League is just simply too fast for their brain. Yes, your brain isn't able to compute so many things at the same time in a quick enough manner and send the appropriate singnals to your shitstained fingers. I could go on forever. Anyway. Sorry and thanks for reading. Good luck
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