Permanent ban, irreversable or should there be exceptions?

Hello community and fellow players, Just recently i regained acces to my account after losing it for a while. Yeah i was stupid enough to get hacked i know and this isn't the problem. Even though riot has a great support team helping people recovering their account i feel they fail in other part of the support systems. They got me my account back basicly instantly (because i was able to fill in the required information accordingly). But then as i logged into my account it said it was permanently banned and showed a chat log under it in which the case is described. And even though i agree with the decission of permanently banning an account with that much toxicness and rage during a game (if you would see the chat log you would problably agree with me), i didn't perform the acts described by that chat log. i asked the player support if they could reverse it but they didn't want to know the finest of it and just said: "Due to the severity of the action taken on this account we will not be able to remove the permanent suspension for any reason.". Let me give you some more information: - the datum of this game was 2015-09-16 (riot player support told me this) - I lost acces to my account and computer at the end of august till September 25 - During the time between these dates (almost a month) i have tried to erase the virus that hacked my computer (yeah i visited the wrong website and i was stupid) So to make my point, my account got banned during a time i haven't had acces to my account and therefore during a game i didn't play. So here is my question: Should a permanent ban be reversable in the case as described above? Please give me the opinions either in comments or in the poll Greeting Gardo7 (former player on the field of justice)
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