Help me please

Hello league community, i have a raging problem and honestly my language has improved a ton but i STILL manage to get reported enough for a chat restriction, alright ok, people literally cant sympathize with someone who gets tilted, fine. But I really dont want to get myself perma so i need some advice here, and also on how to rebuild my honor back up. I am not a bad guy nor a bad person, and i have a lot of fun and joke around when things go well. Ive spent money on this account and i just feel like im being punished anyway. Ive seen behaviour SO MUCH worse than what I do but it seems theyve somehow managed to stay alivve anyway? Like theyre level 150 and what not. HOW!? Please guys I love this game so much but holy hell does it grind my gears sometimes how the EUW community acts. You get reported for even nicely pointing out a flaw, so imagine when you passive agressively comment on some play. Like im forced to play adc with a supp who doesnt know what a pink ward is... Come on.... ANYWAY I want to become even better, and i also want to keep my account thanks, so any help is much appreciated. and no it snot a matter of "just dont tilt" or "dont get angry", if you think its that easy you clearly got no competitive spirit at all Help me :c {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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