This game isn't enjoyable

Every game someone has to flame others. Every god damn game. 9 of 10 games i see people acting so toxic it's really making me upset. The worst of all these insults, which i personally hate the most is "you are trash". And i only hear that from low elo players which needed 5 seasons or more to even reach gold. Platin players are even more toxic, they act like they are esport players but are also mostly stuck in their rank. And what i also hate about this system is, you can choose: you take all the insults and report which mostly doesn't even lead to a punishment which is kinda funny, or you say something and get yourself punished :,). And when you disable the chat you can't communicate. You get spamm pinged all the time till you get so tilted that you turn it on and then get insulted aswell. I never seen such a immature, toxic, salty and embarrassing community like in lol. This game is really great even if there are some problems like matchmaking. People have such a big ego in this game i sometimes really wonder how they do in real life with such a personality. I know there are 04389258 posts like that but i felt like i had to write this down for whatever reason, maybe i got to tilted aswell. It's not even that i take insults personally, but why are people playing ranked games when all they do is sht talking their mates how bad they are. Trying to defend themselves with their negativ kd while they blame others? If you can't focus for god damn 40 minutes please don't play ranked. Everybody does mistakes and everybody has a damn bad game, that's not a reason to ruin a ranked game and talk trash all the time. Especially in some winnable games, if people just would focus instead of typing ALL the god damn time you could win but no people rather rage, trash talk, and waste other peoples time like this. This game could make so much fun when people wouldn't ruin so many games. You ask someone to play safe and he takes it personally and insults you. My client froze before the game started, i had to restart and started 20 seconds to late. The first thing i read is "fking %%%%%%" and get insulted for 30 minutes straight for such simple things. I started playing this game because i wanted to have fun but it's ruining my day almost every time i play ranked cause most of the games end up with toxic trash talking of my mates which leads us to lose the game. People start talking about forfeit after 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES. It feels like they don't even try to win or they don't care about their LP, but why playing ranked then? Just Why?
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