Quitting league!

so I currently have a 80% winrate with jhin I started bronze 4 and ive worked my way to bronze 2 with ease now the second time I hit promos for bronze 1 and I get 2 teams in the row with toxic players that are littually the definition of useless and at the end of the game it was all "X" persons fault not theirs. the community is awful and I no longer enjoy league. games are full of flame and if you flame venting off other peoples flame mostlikely you receive a punishment they wont. this 'game' no longer deserves that title. its no longer a game to me, its now just a thing I do to cause unnecessary stress to myself. please convince me their is light on the horizon and that I can climb out of bronze without being bombarded with people that clearly don't want to win and that clearly don't want to work together for the same goal of climbing through the ranks. no wonder people get boosted if it means avoiding all this stress and saltiness just for the status of saying I got X rank on league of legends. to put it simply if league isn't fun, you get punished for retaliation, you spend your money with little to no reward and then want to play a simple game with a system which is ment to make your game FAIR ( then you end up with a ashe doing placments in your bronze 2 promo). is it really worth playing anymore?

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