Rito please

So apparetnly I watched a Youtube video.It was about the highest mastery points Singed (he plays him as Support).I couldn't belive what I had to saw. The Singed player sent a ticket to Riot because he got banned multiple times for several days asking why he got banned.The Riot employee answered with this (I left out the unimportant part): "While picking Singed Support isn't inerrently banable,refusing to work with your teammates is.This inludes communicating with your teammates what you want to do.You are affecting a lot of players negatively and this is bannable.I highly recommend not doing it anymore except doing it with a group of friends who don't mind that you're playing Singed Support to go counter jungle,not build Sightstone and roam. I understand you want to play Singed Support,however,your teammates do not want you to play Singed Support." So what the heck is this? Am I only allowed to play this game in a way that pleases my team rather than playing my own style? So I can get people banned for playing a melee Support even though I wanted them to play a ranged Support? I can get people banned for not building Iceborn Gauntles even though I told them to? I can get people banned for not doing drake even though I told them to do so? I can get people banned because I am annoyed by them? Thats just stupid.Some of the things the employee said aren't even always possible.Sometimes due to technical issues you may not even connect to the chat so you can't communicate.You may not speak english.Some people aren't able to play both tank Toplaners and Top carrys perfectly.Some players don't realy play aggressive... I hope this answer was just a slip from someone who is new or so and not an actual "this-is-what-we-actually-mean" answer. Rito please.
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