i would like to know what makes someone stop playing and start typing toxic comments

I want to know why people stop playing to type horrible comments as I've been playing for a while and its the same in terms of toxic behavior and i just don't understand why. I just played this game were i was playing Zyra supp and none of my team were initiating fights especially in lanning phase (i was playing with a Jhin in the bot lane) so i started all of them which of course made me die quite a bit but ended up with my team getting quite a lot of kills. Then i started receiving hate from Jhin for dying so much so i explained that he was playing a really high dmg champ and you start 0 fights letting them get objectives like towers and drake. Anyway i got hate from him and then i started getting hate for my Uydr up in top lane and it just made me not want to play. I was taking risks and if i have to die a lot so my team wins team fights and pushes to win then i'm fine with that but receiving hate made me not want to engage in the fights which of course i got flamed about so i lashed out because it was ridiculous that i was getting all this hate for just playing the game. We ended up losing as the flame continued and bad choices where being made and i called them out on that then got me more hate because that makes sense (things like going into fights alone and dying instantly). The hate continued in the post game lobby, where i reported the toxic players, but that just doesn't seem like enough because it ruined my time and my mood to play more games which is irritating because i like all aspects of the game except the community.
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