As LVL 6 120K yasuo main i have something to tell you

I am LVL 6 120K {{champion:157}} main and i have something to tell to you who think that we're trash players and overly toxic.As first thing what separates us from rest of you is that we're playing our champ cuz we have fun with him and we don't intend in normal blind pick to play any champ just to make team's wish because we're not fools to do what we hate to do especially in game where you earn nothing at all.Why should i go {{champion:40}} support in blind pick when i feel pain playing her and in the end i'll just earn nothing at all for being nice guy.Other thing is your job where you're earning money and you have to do things you hate to do to earn money, but in game especially normal its crazy to do stuff you hate too much and feel pain doing it just to satisfy your team who don't give a %%%%k for you.I love to play other champs to earn chests but i lose morale quickly when i see that i am not going to earn S, but with {{champion:157}} i can be tortured by {{champion:53}} and {{champion:12}} getting stomped into my lane but i'll never lose a will to play till the end.So my advice for life is to never do what you hate and feel pain doing it, exept its a job where you earn money for doing it.Second thing is that guys who only play to win point and click champions like {{champion:45}} is going to blame me how i play 0 skill easy champion and he never played any mechanically demanding champ in his life.Junglers tend to leave us on our own no matter are we counter-picked or getting babysited by their junglers.I also have fun playing {{champion:11}} ,{{champion:92}} ,{{champion:23}} ,{{champion:238}} but i'll never in blind pick play something i feel pain playing exept when i want to earn chest.
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