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So today i played a match with vayne, and i asked nicely for a gank, everything was fine except that he (shen) ignored me. And ganked only once or twice during the whole game. So cause he didn't gank me, every time their jungler came, most of the times midlaner came too, i died, cause naut and others got lots of cc and i got killed undertower. Thats when i started getting flamed at by Shen, Gangplank and their adc (lucian). Sometimes leblanc, too. I'm actually tired of this of this sht, around 85% of all my games, even if i do well, i get flamed at, sometimes when i do well it's for "ks" or "no help noob" And i'm also sensitive so i tilt quickly, but LoL players don't give a f### about that.
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