Smurfing on ranked should be bannable

Before you jump on me with the "get better" slogans you love so much, try understanding my points. 1.Not all people have the same amount of time available to play league, so auto-losing a ranked game because Mr.SlayerxxX from masters decided to trash my silver game is not fun at all. 2.I don't see the point of this behavior. If you have time to waste on multiple accounts, try other games instead or play normal games. The setback of 2 or 3 ranked games lost because an unfair matchups are quite heavy if you are playing 3, max 4 games a day. 3.It really ruins any chance of winning. If a player is intentionally feeding (which by the way is a bannable offense), the team having the inter has no chance of winning. Well, why isn't it the same for smurfing players? 4.If you try to defend smurfs by telling me to get better, I understand your point, but that implies I have the same amount of time to play competitive as they do, which trust me, it's not the case. 5.If you are a smurf and you are reading these, I urge you to explore other enjoyable aspects of life :D
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