The adc godplex problem is here ones again

* Aggressive Enchanters only viable pick check * Adc buffs check * Lifesteal Meta check Jup where their ones again. The salty adc players than even manage out outplay their own team. With their own team I mean litterly. You carry the lane as the support and the adc start to become high headed. You just pray you get that {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} & {{item:3504}} in time before your adc goes for an 1v5 attempt again. And if they somehow end with an ace they spread that ego further in chat. Every time they randomly flash into the enemy team they start flaming their support: "Noob support didn't ult me", telling the Lucian flashing in two screens away. But the early game is where the real trouble begins. It seems that a lot of adc's got used to getting carried by their support. Somehow they forgot the basics like auto attacking in trades .. Seriously even in plat MMR these guys are still not aware of this. It's extreemly hard to win trades in lane when the enemy adc actually knowns what he's doing.
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