A big problem in Silver right now

People picking champions they are not familiar with for genuinely no reason at all. i've been seeing this for DOZENS of games. I don't even see the "fun factor" in getting your ass stomped and you being the reason for losing the game. Obviously I'm a bit salty because yet again, i was matched with 3 people who barely or not even at all played their champions. It's antagonizing because I did well statistically speaking. Did most damage on the team and even in the entire game and died the least in my team. But no matter how well you play, you lose because your inexperienced teammates just overextend and die constantely. This game could be viewed as: "well, it was a game you were never going to win. The enemy team was just better than your team hence why you lost. Move on, take a break and try again." And to that I say: FUCK OF. I mean, there is absolutely something those three people could have done to prevent the loss. ACTUALLY PLAYING A CHAMP THEY KNOW HOW THEY PLAY. Here i am with 180 000k experience as lucian, trying my absolute best while the toplane maokai died 11 times without getting a SINGLE kill in the entire game. Even though this dude had about 4 DIFFERENT champions he could have played as. Why do people experiment in ranked? You'll get your ass kicked CONSTANTELY. And sure after the 20th ass whopping you might actually know how to play the champion at least a bit, but you just lost about 400 LP! You know where you can experiment and play a champion for the first time?: BOTS AND NORMAL DRAFT. Also to those who pick: FAV ROLE/MID and then when they get mid and then don't actually have atleast ONE midchampion to play safe on and feed: YOU ARE THE WORST.
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