anyone else has had enough

of those damned bots in the coop games? every time i play a coop game at least one of my team mates is a bot, what's worst is that they always put them in the jungle and i use bot matches PRECISELY to try out new champions in the jungle so they simply work against me and screw up my tests -_- is there really a way to see if someone is using a bot program? because i've been reporting those players every time i see them but so far i got no instant reply (and i know that you don't get a reply every time but at least a couple of times it should have popped up) how am i supposed to try new champs if those guys aren't dealt with? i really don't feel like going into a draft match and pick, i don't know, sivir jungle for the first time {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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