Quinn really needs to be dealt with.

It's unbelievable how a top laner would feel completely disadvantaged when opposing Quinn, I just had a game with an enemy Quinn and that was ridiculous from any point that you look at it. Her late game with that lethality build means that she can just Q and E burst champions and there's nothing we could do, you could say well use your summoners spells but exhaust/ignite don't do any good either,even in the early stages of the game. It's practically impossible to lane with her, could not even think about winning a lane. I don't think that is fair towards players who later on are verbally abused as a result of losing their lane because even if she doesn't do anything top apart from farming she could still pretty easily take my tower and then recall back to base and go bottom lane with her ult and get a double kill or something. So what does that mean to me, well I could take teleport and follow her roam to bottom lane but if I do so I have absolutely 0 chances of winning the lane whatsoever, on the other hand if I was to take ignite/exhaust instead, which as I've mentioned before isn't very useful either, I can't possibly do anything when she goes bottom or middle lane. Some would say take the tower top and push the lane, but again it's about 7-8 seconds to recall for her and then with the use of her ultimate another 5-7 seconds(approximately, might be slightly less or more) to make her way to top lane; who could possibly de-push the lane as waves of minions are coming and take a tower for less than a minute of spare time to do so. What could we say about her spells? Well, she can influence both her lane and other lanes even without taking teleport, for example, ignite is most certainly a won lane for her in any scenario, and with her abilities that are so frustrating to play against she just puts an enemy player in a position where it feels like no matter what you do it's completely useless. I'm Gold 1 at the moment, I am not saying that I am any good at the game, but at least I do know that I have chances of winning my lane when playing against other champions and I'm certainly aware that as long as they have an enemy Quinn on the top lane, my role becomes not very easy to deal with. You could say to play her myself since I am directly stating that she's so broken, but I just don't have much fun when playing her and this is where it becomes a choice of either having fun trying to deal with her with what you actually like to play, such as Riven (my preference) and still lose to her or not having any fun at all, while playing something else and still very likely to lose,perhaps Nautilus or any other mele champion. It would be helpful and appreciated if that matter is actually looked on and changes made in the short-term future, because my general experience of playing this amazing game is not that good either for a number of reasons, but regardless I still feel like some of these reasons might be because of me personally and my probably lack of knowledge of the game, for those I could take a step forward and take a responsibility of trying to deal with them on my own, but in meanwhile I believe that trying to lane a Quinn, as Riven, has absolutely nothing to do with either game knowledge or skill, yet still results in the same, well-known outcome. Thanks.
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