Implicit Rules of SoloQ

I post this because of a thread I read in the North America boards : It would be fun that you help me to complete this. **tacit rules of SoloQ** - Never say you are Premade, especially bot. Premade have a deserved terrible reputation, - Never give your fucking nationality, unless you secretly desire to be raped by trolls, - Never say "Don't ban ..., It's my main", you just give a stick to beat you with, - Never say, "It's my BO" for the same reason, - Whatever your pick, say your lane. Even if you pick Nasus with teleport, for some people it's not obvious you want Top, - If one of your team mates has a nickname surrounded by random characters (commonly xX, Xx, xx...), he'll troll, feed or both... Same with a weed related name... or a mainstream manga related name... Or an Apple related name... - If someone write "jajaja" in the chat, you'll probably lose, - If someone refused to speak English, you'll probably lose.
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