I got perma'd blah blah deserved blah blah perfect system

Yeah I know I got perma'd and I know I'll get downvoted to shit but whatever. I know nothing will get my account back, I just wanted to say how I feel about the current report/ban system. First it was a chat ban, then it was a 2-week suspension, and today I logged in and found out that I got permabanned. Yes, I am so extremely toxic that I got permanently banned, from **one** chat log, and here it is: > In-Game > 3xample: gonna start eating more oranges > 3xample: apparently you can cheat death > 3xample: are you > 3xample: high > 3xample: dont come here again > 3xample: %%% > 3xample: you missed the first Q > 3xample: you were aiming for mars or something > 3xample: stfu > 3xample: im honor level 1 > 3xample: how can i be toxic > 3xample: nice ks > 3xample: lag > 3xample: 1000 ms > 3xample: zed has legit said nothing this game > 3xample: oranges op > 3xample: moe? > 3xample: either I lose to you or I lose to a %%%%ing orange > 3xample: you mean why are you playing yasuo? > 3xample: report aatrox TPed into their whole team > 3xample: legit am lagging so bad > 3xample: everything takes 2 seconds to go off > 3xample: report aatrox 9/11 > 3xample: haha this one shot meta > 3xample: shut up aatrox lol > 3xample: gg > Post-Game > 3xample: how can I be toxic > 3xample: when im honor level 1 > 3xample: ?? Context: I was playing Mordekaiser into Gangplank toplane with (I think) an aatrox jungle and huge ping spikes. I honestly don't understand why 90% of what I said contributed to a permaban. In-Game - The first two lines I said after Gangplank used his W to excape my ult, I was just joking around. - Yeah sure I called him high but if I remember correctly he ganked me and died and I was already frustrated. - "%%%" - oh nooo a trigger word. Instaban for me I guess. I literally don't understand why a three letter phrase can get people banned so easily. - "you were aiming for mars or something" - ohhhhhh what an absolute insult, definitely ban worthy. It's not even like I was directly insulting him. - "stfu" - shut up is perfectly acceptable, but when you throw in an F-bomb, say bye-bye to your account for some reason. - Yes I was honor level one, because of the 2-week suspension aforementioned, and I was just being sarcastic/joking around. - "nice ks" - how is this bannable. - "lag" - how is this bannable? - "1000ms" - how is this bannable?? - "zed has legit said nothing this game" - how is this bannable??? (this was after the aatrox threated to report the zed for toxicity, when he literally hadn't typed in chat at all, cause context is cool and robots can infer context very well). - "oranges OP" - how is this bannable???? - "moe?" - after the enemy team made a dumb yasuo play. - "either I lose to you or I lose to a %%%%ing orange" - this was after I ulted yasuo who killed me, apparently being toxic to oranges is bannable? lol. - Next two lines need nothing. - "report aatrox 9/11" - bots are good at context, I was half-joking around. - "shut up" ohhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo, I told someone to shut up. - Congratulating the enemy team can contribute to a ban lol. Post-Game - More joking around. If anyone didn't know, this is a warning of how utterly stupid this system is. Anything that a bot can't draw context from will get you banned. Out of all of this I would say like 3 or 4 of these lines are ban worthy. And I find it extra stupid that I get banned after **one** game, and it's a perma. And if anyone wants to say the system works perfectly, then why do I encounter so. many. toxic. people. in. games. Like they say shit 10x worse than this, I report them and move on. But then I encounter someone worse than them, and I don't understand how the system reports "stfu" and "%%%" and not whatever they say, racial, homophobic slurs etc. I just find it actually insane. Again, downvote me again idc.
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