The reason why you got permabanned but "the others" didn't

If the rule is: Your driving license is taken away from you after you get 5 speeding tickets in a year. You've already got 4 tickets, your friend has got none. Then you both get one speeding ticket. Your license gets taken away. Now why do you moan that your friend can keep the license when he did the same mistake that you did? I keep reading so many "I GOT BAN BUT THE OTHER FLAMER DIDN'T" ... Unless you are extremely toxic (racist, homophobe etc..) in chat and you manage to score yourself a permanent ban, it's not only because of that one particular game. You've had it coming all along. You've had your chat restrictions as a warning, you've had your 14 day ban as a warning. The final game - for you - serves as the fifth speeding ticket. So if you get permabanned for toxicity and wonder why the other flamers didn't, they might've never received chat restrictions before. Because overall they've been behaving better than you. That one game which scored a permaban for you doesn't mean that the other flamers in the same game have had the same toxicity history than you and should also get permabanned. Peace. edit: And the reason why i compared license confiscation to bans, was to illustrate how the banning system ESCALATES. No they are not the same crime. It was to illustrate why one might get permabanned because of toxicity, while someone else in the same game might not.
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