So I get a chat restriction for this??

I have never posted on the forums before but this just really made me sad. Basically I get a 10 game chat restriction for this: Game 1 Dictator123: same Dictator123: what does ss mean Dictator123: who still uses it Dictator123: i thought it was over in season 3 Dictator123: use the minimap?????? Dictator123: xd Dictator123: well i didnt even say anything Dictator123: you are 2:6 and you dare say something? Dictator123: im not even tryharding yet Dictator123: btw nice farm riven Dictator123: you think you're so funny dont you Dictator123: use the minimap Dictator123: im not even there Dictator123: nobody says ss anymore Dictator123: this is 2016 Dictator123: the games been out for like 6+ years Dictator123: and ppl still dont know what a minimap is Dictator123: what else do you want Dictator123: she building recommended items Dictator123: xd Dictator123: when she is getting shrekt Dictator123: i leave you alone for 2 sec Dictator123: alright 3:9 hero Dictator123: 3:10 Dictator123: stfu Dictator123: rly Dictator123: if u knew how to play i would mby listen to you Dictator123: so Dictator123: you are gonna lose it 1 min later Dictator123: alright dude Dictator123: you gonna flame me? Dictator123: okay Dictator123: see how you like this Dictator123: what im gonna do now Dictator123: u done? Dictator123: mby do something yourself this game? Dictator123: instead of asking for help 24/7 Dictator123: am i your mom or something? Dictator123: no im just not as bad as you are Dictator123: i could have the same score with ap urgot Dictator123: okay Dictator123: im farming jungle Dictator123: why tf do you attack me Dictator123: i dont want to Dictator123: you are flaming me Dictator123: and im not willing to participate Dictator123: i didnt say anything about you Dictator123: this trash af kindred 6:12 dares flame me Dictator123: d Dictator123: wtf is going on in his brain Dictator123: veigar you do realize that its horribly low Dictator123: wtf Dictator123: im not gonna play Dictator123: shouldve kept your mouth shut Dictator123: yeah now you need me Dictator123: rofl Game 2 Dictator123: because of kids like teemo Dictator123: who start flaming before the game has even started Dictator123: you go in our jungle Dictator123: and complain Dictator123: you're doing it again Dictator123: well then gtfo of our jungle Dictator123:  Dictator123: its better to watch than to die for free Dictator123: u work at the salt factory or what Dictator123: sue us Dictator123: lag Dictator123: ok Dictator123: same Dictator123: kha noob Dictator123: dont cry plz man Dictator123: xd Dictator123: nice Dictator123: feeders gonna report the good players Dictator123: thats how life works Dictator123: mby because you are dumb Dictator123: and go in 1v3 Dictator123: and he doesnt want to die for free Dictator123: wtf is naut doing Dictator123: yeah you gonna report for that Dictator123: rofl Dictator123: rofl Dictator123: does it have your name on it Dictator123: or what Dictator123: im not going in there wtf Dictator123: yeah kk Dictator123: and honor gragas for 17 deaths Dictator123: 19 deaths Dictator123: this is the reason they are so fed Dictator123: ty Dictator123: report everyone no help i have to 1v5 this sht Dictator123: only help I get is 20 deaths from karthus Dictator123: i mean gragas Dictator123: and 18 deaths from karthus Dictator123: jhin retard confirmed Game 3 Dictator123: alright fam Dictator123: sorry guys Dictator123: it has to be done Dictator123: because Dictator123: ekko Dictator123: booster Dictator123: report ekko account sharing / boosting Dictator123: ty Dictator123: im doing you a favour Dictator123: tell that to the guy who owns your account Dictator123: cant even get out of bronze 3 himself Dictator123: you're not my mom Dictator123: sue me Dictator123: fkin retard ekko you mean Dictator123: well ekko is account sharing Dictator123: and i dont appreciate that Dictator123: which is Dictator123: pretty much illegal Dictator123: ignore this clown trynd Dictator123: yes this is ranked Dictator123: and account boosting is not allowed Dictator123: yes Dictator123: yes please ban ekkos acc Dictator123: thats what that acc deserver Dictator123: s Dictator123: trynd stick a dildo up your ass and stop saying the same thing Dictator123: getting old Dictator123: wow this 12year old Dictator123: Report trynd flame Dictator123: funny isnt it Dictator123: mby you'll realize how big of a moron you are Dictator123: this copy pasta again Dictator123: report trynd flame Dictator123: why u boost bastard Dictator123: he cant even answer Dictator123: rofl Dictator123: is he rly gonna act innocent now Dictator123: yes you boosted this acc which is not allowed Dictator123: according to the rules Dictator123: just wait for your 1000 year ban Dictator123: like the others Dictator123: idk is he autistic or pretending Dictator123: i like ppl who are so bad that they cant get out of bronze 3 so they ask others to boost them Dictator123: you arent tho Dictator123: tell whoever owns your account that he is retarded Dictator123: this is 100 percent not his acc tho Dictator123: so this guy claims its his account Dictator123: when his winrate is below 50% Dictator123: and his last 10 games he has stomped Dictator123: with insanekda Dictator123: and then when i take a look at other champs Dictator123: like varus Dictator123: 1:9:2 Dictator123: 2:12 poppy Dictator123: 4:14 rengar kda average from 3 games Dictator123: and he claims Dictator123: that its his account Dictator123: and he isnt boosting Dictator123: rofl Dictator123: boosting is much worse than feeding Dictator123: and you have said nothing to him the whole time Dictator123: ww Dictator123: justice was served Dictator123: feelsgoodman TL:DR, during the first game I said "stfu" once, second game I said "noob" and "retard" once. Third game I can understand because I was really salty that I had to play with a booster in my team. I really don't understand why I am the one being punished. During the first game I had a kalista go 7:14 while I am 25:5 and she flames the living hell out of me for no apparent reason, and I am the one being punished. During the second game it was basically the same thing, checked the match history and we had a Gragas with 23 deaths and Karthus with 19 deaths. Meanwhile my score is 21:10, barely said anything while they flame the hell out of me, and I am the one who gets chat restricted. How is this fair? Has science gone so far that it doesn't even matter how good of a player you are? Flamers(even those who say a bad word once the whole game) get banned/chat restricted, and blatant feeders don't ever get punished. Srsly Riot? {{item:3070}}
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