How long are we going to lose LP because of AFK-ers ??

Hello, During my placement, I lost 2 out of 4 games for the same reason: AFK. First game: {{champion:157}} was playing on a public Wifi, kept getting DC, and whenever he could reconnect, he fed enemy team .. gg Second game: {{champion:238}} couldn't handle mid, died 4-5 times, and when we asked him to play safe and wait gank, he said he is going AFK .. gg Why after all these seasons, there is no way to detect AFK properly ? There can be a vote system, whenever the game notices disconnections or lags, teammates can vote whether this player having trouble or not. And please don't make it depend on the agreement of the whole team, because there is always that "smart" guy who would troll the vote, or was premade with the afk and will vote 'No' just to protect his/her friend. At least give us a way to flag trolls and afk-ers **Inside** the game, so when we lose, and the system detects that this player was actually afk/has bad connection, we do not lose much LP. LoL should record connection patterns (DC, Lag, Ping) in games, and match-make people with terrible connections together. Here is another scenario happened in my 4th placement match: The jungler dced at the beginning of the game, and we decided to /remake. Except for Mr. {{champion:157}}, who apparently could pick his champ for the first time in a while because of bans, and did not want to let the chance slip by! so he refused the /remake. Luckily for us, the jung came back, but what if he/she didn't ? well that would have been another gg .. These kind of stuff happened with me last season, and the one before too .. I am Silver btw. I don't care about punishing or reporting the AFK, because I still lost my placement match/LP. This makes the ranked experience very frustrating .. because what the troll going to lose is not valuable to him/her anymore, but they feel powerful when they make other's lose. They can go afk, take few days ban, and come back. Or make 10 accounts .. ez. While people who play good pay for their mistakes .. I don't play ranked often for that reason. I gave it a try this season, but I figured it is still the same. Why such a primary system in League does not have good measurements to **Prevent** such problems, yet ? People does not care about bans or reports anymore, they found workarounds (multiple accounts ..). It is time to care about others who **actually** pay the price. During the previous year I did not play ranked, and did not feel the frustration I feel now, I don't usually write posts like these, but I hope you understand .. because some people value their time, and have a limited chance to play LoL .. and such simple precautions, means a lot to us, they mean Riot treat people's emotions and time seriously, and not only Runes or Champs balance. Thank you.
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