Hello everyone. I was just wondering, isn't it sad, what League has become? I don't know, if this problem is only in low divisions, or if it is everywhere, but there seem to be really high amount of leavers and afks. First game: Heimer mid, stays under his turred whole game, then leaves, then comes back and tells "My keybord isn't working" Well, ok, if it is the truth, that's understandable, but you should at least make sure, that everything is working BEFORE the game starts. I was Nasus toplane against Trundle and I was winning my lane, he was crying in chat, I didn't respond, then after several minutes I typed "Could you please report Heimer (I didn't know about his keyboard then)" And he flamed me, that now I'm crying etc. Could you at least be quiet, when you have a free win? Third game: Ornn supp, flames Vayne how bad she is, then says "**** this I'm out" and leaves on 4 minute mark. Yes, we lost. I do not have a problem with anyone, who flames me or who plays bad, but these people are just so awful. You just ruin the game for everyone. If you can't handle these situations, then don't play rankeds. Is that even a solution? Isn't it better to try to do your best and help them, when they play bad? I hope, I really hope he gets punished accordingly. I get frustrated everytime, even when the leaver is on opponent's team. It's not fun really. Do you guys experince this problem too? I guess so, I'm curious, if it's in higher elo too. Also, please DO make sure you report them. Bye!{{summoner:4}}

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