EUW and their "players".

First time posting on the boards, ever... So, hey guys! Hope you're all well. Short and simple to the point, because this game is genuinely confusing me. Now I've read the T&C, I've read the rules, I understand them and try my best to follow them. [Albeit I am under a 25-game chat restriction] Now, I'm MORE than welcome for Riot to post my chat logs from my reform card here. But I can bet you they're not going to post the other player's chat logs because of "security" and "naming and shaming". I know two wrongs do not make a right, I condone that, but, please read on... I argue, I argue a lot. I don't swear at anyone [Meaning I use profanity in a casual manner, the same way you could with a policeman in England], I don't wish diseases on people, I don't wish death upon anyone. Yet this is -all- I seem to come across in-game. I've been told to get cancer, die, get raped, get murdered, even people I've PLAYED with, duo'd in Draft with, have wished these things to other players. But me giving constructive criticism, me telling people what they're doing wrong, me calling out the people who troll, feed, flame, and abuse others like this gets me a 25-Game restriction? The only real issue I have is telling people they ARE Getting reported [In hopes that this will alarm them and cause them to think twice before causing more grief to me and my team!] but people still persist. People still don't care. Cause & case, my most recent game I had a Lux who decided to sell ALL her items, buy tears, run it down mid and cause grief because "u stole my minions" at a post-20 minute game where they're pushing our T3 turrets. That's called defending, that's called mitigating a push. I'm sorry that this summoner was taken aback by this. But this is how you prevail in a game that's seemingly lost. I want to know the threshold for reporting, because the reform card even states "players have deemed your in-game behaviour to be detrimental" or along those lines. PLAYERS. Why are you giving the power to control another's accounts to an automated system that's based off mass-reports in a single game. [IE it telling you which games you were deemed too salty]? I get that maybe people don't like being told what they're doing wrong, or that they're ineffective at a situation. But this is what my job is IRL. I do this on a daily basis, it's part of my personality. I don't get fired, I don't get pulled in for disciplinary, so why is it in a real life situation that's okay, but in a video-game where I'm unlikely to see these individuals again, am I forced to keep my mouth shut through fear of a player-controlled reform system? Now before people come in with "just mute these players" or "just turn off your chat", these are tools in a game used to communicate - My opinion is communicative. It's offering constructive criticism to a player who keeps doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, then gets mad because I won't "gank his lane", after their laner can effectively two shot me through persistent gold income. Freedom of speech allows me an opinion [albeit yes, not to aggressively beat down a player] to reach a resolution. Now I know EU-W is a LARGE area, so language barriers, or maybe even regional differences in dialect assumes that people think I'm being aggressive [Calling your friend a total twat IRL in England is completely normal] but, again, being punished because of this when I'm seeing people told to die of terminal illnesses and other such things, makes me seem like a small issue in comparison. [When again, I don't see myself as an issue!] I'll serve my chat ban and then throw in the towel of communicating, I'll be dragging my chat window off the screen and sticking to Discord with my friends & pings. But come on Riot, don't give players the ability to judge someone. This was what the tribunal was for, to work alongside your player support team to punish those that REALLY need it. Thanks for reading, feel free to voice opinions and all. All the best on the rift, peeps. :) -Shaco
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