co op vs bots..

Im trying to have a fun time against bots. I play on intermediate.. but I sign up for a 5v5 against difficult bots. not a 1v9. I play all by myself, my entire team are scripters who farm accounts for xp.. the game is FULL of them. it is honestly so insanely frustrating playing like this. they soak up the xp on your lane because they are scripted to switch lanes.. and they just feed around.. Here is the first actual bot game I lost. with my main hero. FULL tryharding... I was trying to defend mid by myself against 5 bots who flash in with insane CC. I died twice and lost the entire base without my team even being there. I'd rather have these scripters walk circles in base so I know I can't count on them. but this is honestly ridiculous. Is riot doing anything against them? it must be so easy to spot them..
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