Very few people understand league is a team game

To start of, I play a lot of support and top. I will always roam as a support when there is a fight about to happen (or already happening) in the bot river if we have priority. Same goes with toplane, whenever there is a fight about to happen or happening I teleport in if I happen to have teleport. I am there to support my teammates if they are in a fight, I watch my minimap 24/7 to assist them in their struggles. But I rarely receive any help or assistance from my teammates. If I know jungle is toplane, midlane is in lane and botlane is pushed under turret, I like to place a deep ward in the enemy jungle with a low chance of getting caught unless mid and the entire botlane collapses bot. If bot could collapse on me I would love for my adc to just follow me a bit so he is near in case a fight breaks out. But now matter how many times I ping or even just type that I am going for a deepward, my adc just afks lane. Just help me for god sake, you don't need to hold my hand but just being around is good enough for me to be safer than possibly ending in a 2v1 if bot roams towards their jungle. When I am toplane: I tp toward drake because a fight is happening, we manage to kill 3 and the other 2 are low and we're overall pretty healthy. I start up the drake but what does my team do, either just chase very far into the enemy jungle or recall because oh well a free objective is not worth it. LoL is a teamgame, listen to your team in case they make a decent shotcall which is reasonable. Or think for a second and try to assist them in a way you can provide at that point. Sure, if it's a suicide mission you're free to abandon that person and choose for your own safety, but if it's a decent call. Just do it and a decent ally and you might actually win more games. U might be able to hardcarry 1 game, but you can't hardcarry them all so in the games that you can't, help someone else in your team to carry or try to win the game TOGETHER.

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