Fuck you Riot, I am gonna troll now. Seems to be worth it!

Ban me, Rioters. I will troll every game frokm now on, because it makes no fucking difference, it seems. I have never ever in 2 years of playing LoL left a game, gone afk or trolled in another way. I routinely ward the most out of every non-support (sometimes even outwarding supports :>). I ping, I communicate. I comment every good play, be it a kill or a good escape with a "gj", "wp" etc. I learned to be more aggressive and to "carry" more, because just playing well does not make you clim. I never lose the team focus though. I stay calm if I get outganked, because, hoipefully, my team can capitalize somehwere else. A bad game for me is being 1/3/2 and down 10 cs after 12 minutes, when I get roamed/ganked/TP'ed on. I play better in 50% of my losses than most players on my ELO in wins. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/213983423 or go to op.gg and sort my games for Lucian and Ahri. But it does not matter. You get trolled like shit and these people apparently can play on, _because the only toxic thing in league are words, right?_ There are no trolls, there are no players, that make others lose on purpose just to prove a point. I just gave up ADC for a premade and went to jungle, even if it is my worst role. I snowballed every lane before my first back with 5 successful ganks. I got every drake in the game for us. We went up 16k gold as a team, I was 13/3/13 at one point, building full tank for the team. Yet we lost, with all lanes winning hard. Why? Because the mid lane Karma started trolling, intentionally never grouping but going back to farm jungle/lanes and killing single opponents. Why did she do that? Because after she had died 3 times in a 1vs1 vs blue build Ezreal after we won a teamfight I said "please don't 1vs1 Ezreal after won teamfights". Because the premade bot lane support (Bard) split pushed alone several times. Because the premade bot lane, after a won teamfight (I died after kicking Viktor into my team and us getting 3 kills for my single death) split up(!!!) for Elder drake. Karma/bard going for Elder drake, Lucian/Tham Kench going for Baron. All four dieing in the process. (http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2699012661/213983423?tab=overview) And this is only the last game. But now, I don't care anymore. Teamplay, communication, playing well, even if at a disadvantage are not being rewarded. You can be the biggest prick or worst player and can count on getting carried through anyway. Heck, there are players that threaten others with killing them, raping their families and so on, on STREAMS. That troll on purpose on STREAMS. And they play and play and play. But god forbid you argue with one of them! Then you're going down! I get that now. Thanks Riot! Edit: Chat log in a post below.
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