why everyone is so soft these days i only got mad for 2 games (not in a row) and got 2 weeks suspension i just said some regular things that you see in normal games like %%%% this game stuff like that and riot bans me just like that and its useless to talk to them they just say that it was fair because they got offended if someone is reading this and you didn't got banned till now pls do yourself a favor and mute them all those teamates will get on your nerves riot stop banning wrong people ban trolls and scripters stop banning people for swearing in some occasions. Game 1 Pre-Game Tinywizzard: nice skin fio Tinywizzard: cait too In-Game Tinywizzard: finally Tinywizzard: ? Tinywizzard: the game diidnt even started Tinywizzard: you are 3 minutes late Tinywizzard: ... Tinywizzard: ekko Tinywizzard: ekko afk? Tinywizzard: my jungler is afk Tinywizzard: cait he just stood there watching me die Tinywizzard: you stfu Tinywizzard: i stop talking and you tell me to stfu you toxic Tinywizzard: fiora is melee Tinywizzard: jhin is range go help her Tinywizzard: what? Tinywizzard: worth it Tinywizzard: wtf happen Tinywizzard: ekko help fiora pls jhin needs to die and top needs to push Tinywizzard: wtf cait i wasnt even flaming and you flame Tinywizzard: %%% you Tinywizzard: i wasnt flming you %%%% Tinywizzard: nice comeback fiora Tinywizzard: shit Tinywizzard: good one Tinywizzard: np gj fiora Tinywizzard: we did our best Tinywizzard: stop focusin support pls Tinywizzard: thamkech is last to be killed Tinywizzard: im talking in general Tinywizzard: unoficial penta Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: see what happends when you guys stop flamign fiora Tinywizzard: fiora gets shit done she helps alot Tinywizzard: np Tinywizzard: i got you Tinywizzard: mb fall back Tinywizzard: come pls Tinywizzard: cait is flamignf Tinywizzard: cait just Tinywizzard: leona i need someone to tank Tinywizzard: btw report cait she been flaming bcs she think she is bettter than us just bcs she is from NA Tinywizzard: wtf im not flamignleo Tinywizzard: NA players are just so soft Tinywizzard: omg my feelings Tinywizzard: buhuu Tinywizzard: you said u were form NA Tinywizzard: GOOOOO CAIT Tinywizzard: gg wp Tinywizzard: go fiora Tinywizzard: gj fiora Post-Game Tinywizzard: report cait pls Tinywizzard: NA playters are too soft Tinywizzard: gj fiora Tinywizzard: they spent all game flaming fiora Tinywizzard: fiora is bad player but why flame her Tinywizzard: leo Tinywizzard: i didnt flkame toy btw Game 2 In-Game Tinywizzard: for real Tinywizzard: haaa Tinywizzard: i honur you Tinywizzard: dude why call me a new zed Tinywizzard: YOW RACIST YASUO Tinywizzard: yes but i did good Tinywizzard: ofcs Tinywizzard: now you are racist riven Tinywizzard: XD JK Tinywizzard: same idea hahaha Tinywizzard: ss pls Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: who died to vlad? Tinywizzard: hahaha Tinywizzard: oh yeah XD Tinywizzard: lol its my faulkt now Tinywizzard: yes i did a proper gank you didnt Tinywizzard: well trundle we cant always have a proper jungle Tinywizzard: im so done Tinywizzard: you right riven Tinywizzard: better jungler wins Tinywizzard: ty bruh Tinywizzard: the hunt is on Tinywizzard: hye guys Tinywizzard: i think ill buy kindred should i? Tinywizzard: skill Tinywizzard: easy champ zed riven pro player Tinywizzard: im saying you must be a pro playe rbcs zed is so easy for you Tinywizzard: you just too noob to counter it Tinywizzard: you must be for feeding like thta Tinywizzard: shaoc stfu you cant even jungle Tinywizzard: i died Tinywizzard: ashe and shaco flaming Tinywizzard: not main lol 5 game Tinywizzard: you feed and now you want to end Tinywizzard: you watsed our time Tinywizzard: report ahse flaming afk Tinywizzard: i didnt flame anyone build you flame team Tinywizzard: sorry trundle for bad game guess im new zed after all Tinywizzard: GG WP HONR ME Post-Game Tinywizzard: ohh men
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