how you do when you get a role you dont want ?

so i was last pick , you know most of the times support is always last pick however i told them that i wasnt in the mood to play support plz let me jungle or top they didnt seem to care , still let me go support i picked my best support dissapointed and abit angry the thing that made me more angry is that my adc took ghost and teleport not to mention he had a very bad positioning . and getting grabbed by blitz everytime akali suiciding everytime in 1 vs 4 for 1 kill. shen losing lane vs teemo .... seriously ? i tried my best not to say anything bad because they d say im the bad guy to get reported. maybe if i had a good mates ill be less bored and play good but you get forced to play role you dont want to play it atm + your team are making you more dissapointed + they flame more than they breathe = lose if you say i dodge when i have to play the role i dont want ; i say you cant know the future maybe the game you are dodging would be a win ? its better than losing 3 lp right ? but meh tbh i play every role but sometimes there is roles that i dont really want to play .
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