My permanent suspension (Appeal?)

In my personal opinion, I believe that my reason for my permanent suspension seems all a bit too harsh. Yes I was suspended for two weeks a month or two before and I did continue to flame teammates, that being said to not such a high standard as previous. I finish a normals, tiring and not very fun, me and the adc back and forth toxic comments, her feeding at the time. I said nothing too extreme, yes I still believe that what I said was wrong looking back at it but I feel my punishment was far too harsh. I think that maybe a chat restriction would've been plenty? That was all I was doing wrong, I wasn't inting, or trolling or leaving any games. I just called out the Trist for being garbage. Why this results in permanent suspension is beyond me and I respect Riot for creating my all time favorite game and I hate to think I'll leave the game on these terms. I'm not quite sure where exactly to put this, as it's more of an appeal to be honest. Even if it's just a discussion with a member of staff to just talk that would be fine. Thank you, Peakby {{champion:142}}
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