Intentional Feeder Detection system in 5.18.

What is your stance on the statement "Riot places more emphasis on punishing flamers than punishing feeders/trolls'?
We've always taken both problems (verbal toxicity and gameplay toxicity) quite seriously. We launched the new Instant Feedback System that addressed verbal toxicity with instant bans after we launched LeaverBuster, which reduced leavers/AFKs dramatically. These two systems targeted different verbal AND gameplay toxicity issues.
So in a recent post by Riot Lyte he mentions that they are launching a new automated system for detecting and punishing trollers, or rather feeders. I thought I'd share my thoughts and hopefully see others thoughts about it as well. So I have some key concerns about this. First, how can we be sure that a bot will make the right decision in giving proper punishment? Lyte even said that they have to be really careful so they don't accidently ban someone who is having bad game, or even a terrible game. What if there is someone in your game that gets really pissed at you because you die a lot and reports you for feeding even though it was not intentional, will it stack up, like verbal abuse does? At least with verbal abuse and offensive language there is written proof (or rather keywords) that the automated system can detect. So lets say you get a warning or a ban for intentional feeding even though you have never fed, with intent? Is it possible you can appeal the ban? You can't for verbal toxicity, but like I mentioned above, at least there is written evidence that you were toxic. How can they prove that I was feeding intentionally? And on the flipside, what IF you can appeal an intentional feeding warning/ban, can it or will it not be abused by the very same people Riot tries to deal with? I think it is great that Riot is trying to deal with the feeders and the trollers because they are the singel biggest nuisance in League, even more so than verbaly toxic players. I just think that when it comes to intentional feeding and trollers, there needs to be a human behind the decision to either punish someone or not. Yes, I know that will take a massive amount of manpower but at least a human can tell right from wrong and not just base a decision based on set paramaters or key words. I think I got it all in there. So, thoughts?
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