Stuck at honor level 1?

Hi there, I have a bit of an issue, i think a bug or something has affected my account perhaps, since i have been stuck at honour level one, final checkpoint for THE longest time....I understand that my previous behaviour was bad, i accepted the punishment with grace, and did my best to change. at times frustration gets the best of us, and i've alrady learned my lesson. However even after reaching the final checkpoint of honour level 1, it seems...stuck? I havent progressed i think. even though i have played positively, recieved many honours, not given up and even turned around lost games into wins...I just... i just want to know that riot see's i'm trying. a little pat on the back to say "well done, you've changed your behaviour, here's honour level 2, go get 'em!" would be nice. but....i dunno maybe it's bugged? i'm not so sure...little help?
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