Don't be a direspectful c**t please

I'll make this short and quick, so I don't waste your time. I recently played a ranked game and towards the minute 5 I realized we were 4v5, our Aatrox decided to take a break. We tried our best to turn things around but oh well, it didn't really work out. Point is, what really had me pissed and when I say pissed I mean on a "break my %%%%in keyboard" level pissed was the enemy Yasuo graciously putting an "ez" at the end of the game in the chatbox. I can understand being an ass and making fun sometimes, I am quite an ass sometimes myself, but that shit right there, that shit I can't stand. Don't do that, IT'S A %%%%MOVE. And the more annoying part is that it's coming from an Yasuo who came 2 5 out of lane after his enemy laner went afk. Yes, I find it insulting and no, I'm not a sensitive snowflake. Just don't do that, you're being a disrepectful %%%%. Thanks! Conversation in the lobby: [redacted]: saying ez [redacted]: when we had an afk [redacted] left the lobby [redacted]: thats just such a %%%%move ... [redacted] [redacted] : who did that [redacted] [redacted] : lmao [redacted] left the lobby [redacted]: that trash yasuo.. [redacted] #PDT# : who said ez? [redacted]: whos obviously 7 7 [redacted]: after playing against afk [redacted] #PDT# : yas? [redacted] [redacted] : ahahahah [redacted] left the lobby [redacted]: obviously [redacted]: tilting you [redacted]: and i succeded [redacted]: obviously [redacted] #PDT# : ok [redacted]: lel [redacted] left the lobby [redacted] left the lobby [redacted]: i can understand saying shit in a 5v5 [redacted] #PDT# : just rep aatrox [redacted] left the lobby [redacted]: heck sometimes i do that [redacted]: lol [redacted]: but when enemy team has afk [redacted]: ez [redacted]: ez [redacted]: youre being a disrespectfull %%%% [redacted] left the lobby\ P.S.: Yes, I said some not so nice things myself, but then, I never claimed I'm a saint.
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