Thanks Riot for making me a troll :)

Just wanna give out a huge thank you to Riot Games for making me a "Troll". I know i am not the calmest gamer, but i was never unfair or rage kid style going at it. I simply treated competetive play in League as i treat any other competitive Sport, meaning i wanted to win and didnt like it when you saw Ppl who didnt care in a mode thats clearly for ppl that do care. I studied Sports. I work in the Sports branch. I am even Ref in free time and i deem fair play really important. But whats also important is realitiy. When players dont behave they get penalties, thats fair. But players that dont care about the Team/ Game get out of the Team. After 6 years of playing this game you deemed it right after just a 2 week ban 4 Months ago (for being negative) that it was the right way to perma ban my account that i played 6 years on, spent money on. got all champs, Runes and more. For what? Being salty ??? :D :D ... never directly harassing ppl, or racial slurs, or actual real inting/trolling, mom jokes or any PG content related shit... just telling ppl who suck that they fkn suck, flaming other flamers and feeders in ranked... not playing the little angel that the (clearly not working Summoners Code) forces you to pretend to be even tho the community in ranked doesnt provide anything except toxicity. You get PERMA banned for really something that without doubt is not ok, but lets be real here, league chat aint church on sunday but rather lucky draw of less that flame you at least as much as much as you do them. And yes for me Trolling is not just active trolling but also passive trolling... if you play never played champs in ranked, cant even get decent masteries (again not talking about different buids but rly just wrong stuff, Windwalkers on assasin etc.) and go 0/8 in the first 12 min, or have 80 cs after 40 min as plat 1 toplane, i dont think i should be the one that should feel bad for telling that guy that what he does is fkn wrong and if he does that shit on ranked he sucks. And sure a lot of Ppl can say i could just have shut up, or this and that but that doesnt change the fact that i dont regret it. It is my honest opinion that riot %%%%ed up ranked mode completly by forcing two roles on ppl plus FREAKING AUTOFILL THAT NOBODY EVER ASKED FOR, and does create more and more and more games that just go badly but then expects from players that have to play shit they cant play, not for fun but i a competetive mode that they are nice to each ... which doesnt work ever in any sport or game. Not to mention their weird matchmaking system and overall broken tier system. I myself cant even i say i dont deserve the ban, maybe i do... but on a 6 Year old Account with thousands of Games and a decent amount of money spent on the game nobody even bothered to send a mail, acutally giving you any chance to defend yourself or talk to you. Which just puts more emphasis on the fact taht riot doesnt care about actual game quality or player behaviour. You just get a mechanically message with no Option whatsoever to respond... wtih some chat logs from 3 out of 40 games... THX Riot. They just see money. This can also be seen in the fact that a ban acutally doesnt do anything for the game. Normally it should provide 1 less Person worsening the game. Fact of the matter is sadly, that i can just switch on some other smurf account. And honestly again, who tries extra hard to be nice on a smurf acc that you put no money or time in. Nobody does. So thank you Riot. You banned somebody that occasionally flamed other toxic people while never actually sabotaging any game or actively trying to loose games for others. And got another random smurf that doesnt give any %%%%s anymore. Hope this works good for you.
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