Do you?

Hey, I'm very curious. People on the forums (boards) seem to be more thoughtful about their behavior and actions than others that don't post here. It almost looks like 90% of everyone here is completely clean when it comes down to the in-game chat. However, I'm wondering: **Do you curse/swear? Do you trash talk? Do you flame? How often do you do it? When is the last time you did? Do you curse or flame at all? Cursing and flaming ranges from simply saying "idiot" or "%%%%%%" to "I hope you and your family die".** I personally rarely curse at all. I'm too scared to get punished for it. My account is very important to me. I used to curse in ranked matches sometimes when people purposely ruined my game experienced or when they started flaming others for no reason. But since I stopped playing ranked in S2(?) I've never cursed again. I often get very triggered though, but then I'm smart enough to /mute all. Fortunately I've got enough self control to just *sigh* and move on. Be honest. {{champion:1}}
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