Change the Matchmaking System

I'm wiriting this shortly after loosing a game, so I might be a little annoyed. Sure, everyone looses around 50% of their games, but there is a diffenece between loosing a game after fighting hard agains an enemyteam with similar skill and just being stomped by 1 bronce dude inviting plat or dia "friends" in a silver/gold elo game. There is no fun or room for personal improvement there. I know that in ranked games there is a blocking system for this, but I want to enjoy some normal games too, without ne need to tryhard or the fear to loose ranked games because I'm learning a new champion. I also understand that there are people realy bad at the game who still want to play with their rl-friends who are way better. So here is an, in my opinion reasonable, idea: Longer queues. I for myself am pretty sure I would rather wait a few minutes for an invite than be stuck 15 minutes, 20 minutes or even longer in a game that my team as a snowballs chance in hell of winning and then be reported für going 2/12/3 agains someone 2 leagues above my skilllevel. There are likely more than enough bronce/silver/gold-elo accounts so we don't have to be matched against platinum teams. And, just to not have some "funny" people suggest that I just do the same ... there is no fun in being carried in every game, at least not for me, there are people out there who play to improve. That may sound crazy to you, but these people want a fair matchmaking. End of rant. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Edit: Fixed grammar, not a nativ english speaker
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