Make punishment system stricter

This is simply a joke. Almost every 2nd game there is at least 1 player that is trolling or being insanely toxic and negative, and I don't mean stuff like being 3 5 or some crap, I mean literally running it down after arguing with some other teammate and being 0 10 0 while also flaming whole game at that. Why are not players like that banned? I had people wishing others and myself cancer, cancer to my family, that my family burns in a house fire, dies in a car accident, that they hope they can see my kids dying in my arms etc, had cases of extreme religious offenses, nazism, sexism, racism, all the sick and fkd up kinds of shit. I haven't said a word for like 100 games now after taking a 2 month break before it and yet I have only recived feedback like 5 times that someone was punished and even when I went to check their op gg, they were playing regulary after that which means it was only a mere chat ban. Will you finally do something about this crap? Am I supposed to just mute them and play my game and then lose and after they get like 5 reports for that game, they will just continue playing? Hello? This crap is happening almost every 2nd game, am I supposed to lose 3 out of 10 games because of this and you consider it perfectly normal? **Make your punishment system stricter**, make some program that will detect certain words like "get cancer", "%%%", "hope your family dies" etc etc and ban such players. If the player gets over 10 damn reports for 2 games then ban his ass (had one player like that, 0 8 0 adc, I supported him, he was horrible, overpushing, overstaying, failing to dodge skillshots etc, blamed me and flamed and trolled whole game, afked for 10 minutes, got him again next game, decided to troll again because I was in his team. Not a single word was said from my side whole game long or even at 2nd game. **Not banned**) I had taken such cases to support via submiting tickets already over 5 times, it was just said it will be investigated and nothing happened, they continued playing, all of them. **Get the damn toxic trolls out of the game already!!**
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