14 days suspension for inting

hello guys so as u can see from the title i got banned 14 days because i had one of those games where i pick yasuo into fizz and rammus , we traded first kills i burnt my flash i got hard camped by rammus he was tanking tower everytime i comeback to lane and fiz just going ham on me with 0 help from my team they were just flaming as usual i died like 3 4 times under my tower with no help at all between 4 and 9 min when they took the tower i managed to farm a bit and cameback into the game and it was pretty winnable but my support didnt stop to spam the ff and the flaming i totally ignored him and kept chearing the guys who were still trying to win that it was still winnable untill thresh died and ragequit we lost but as u can see i got reported for inting when my score was 7 13 the only one trying to win beside vladimir who supported me entire game to win the others kept flaming me inting , stop inting etc ... https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3860841690/66687725?tab=overview the blitzcrank bot says that i got reported for 10 times in the last 20 games for "inting ". here u can see my op gg http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=The%20Black%20R%C3%B8se the only bad game i had was the one with the yasuo going 0 7 even tho i was just having a rough time cos my support was trolling and fed enemy botlane over and over didnt help me out at all , even tho i was farming and trying to catch up i didnt get a single kill yes one of those games but i didnt troll at all . i think the comunity reports players when they lose games doesnt matter if they int or not they dont like to lose but they still report them for "inting". i hope riot makes sure to look into this case cos its not fun to get banned for inting when i wasnt clearly , i know it is a 14 days suspension but its not cool even tho they are only 14 when u didnt do such a thing, i believe in riot support and hopefulyl they look into my case and review. PD: i stopped league because of work for 3 4 months so i am getting at it again but judging from my match history u can see that i am not bad actually i carry a lot of games when i can and some are just not winnable even tho i have a positive score. here is my reformed card : https://imgur.com/a/emYq5Zt and the video second death i had no real scape i tried to go to the other side of jgl to scape but i died due to tower shots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiQitDNpRpk&feature=youtu.be EDIT 1: SO finnaly riot reviewed my case and noticed that i was banned by mistake and unbanned me thnks for everyone who supported me and who didnt . TBR~
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