After 22:00, many afk mid-game

Hy all! If this issue was discussed earlier, please delete this. I did a search, but couldn't find it, so bear with me. I usually play ARAM, and recently ARURF. Often does that after 22:00, 'til midnight. I have witnessed many times, that during this time period, 2, maybe 3 player from my team goes afk. I have an idea what could happen. Those are kids, who's PC were shutted down by force, since on the next day, it's school. My question is: Why do you start to play, if you know it's late? How can I avoid(?) this? And for those folks up there: Could you somehow resolve this issue? For those who wants to keep their mental health (I know, then why am I paying this game), and triyng to ignore ranked and/or normal, remains only the now 2 game mode, where we can have fun. But under these circumstances, it's more like a frustrating game. Any ideas, experiences, suggestion? *Please, keep it polite and respectful, don't start swearing, and insulting eveyrone, and everything. I proposed a problem, let's discuss that. Thank you.
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