Pernament Ban

I belive there are a lot of people that has their account pernament banned by Riot. We all make mistakes and we all can get better from time to time. And thats why I am writing this, year or two from now i tried to trade my account because i seriously didnt know that its forbiden. And the guy i tried to trade with scammed me, I went to Riot and i tell the truth, that some guy scammed me. I spent like hundred euros on my account and like you could guess im only 15 years old and 2 years back from now i was 13 i really didnt know english that well, when i say i didnt know english i am thinking on those rules, I really didnt know for those rules even that they are existing. I just want to say that now i know where i was misstaken and i really think i prove my behiviour. *That is enough of me i just wanted to say Riot you guys made this game a better place, you create boxes that pull a lot of people in, you remove afkers with those instan bans, and now you have a chance to give us with pernament bans to remove our pernaments bans. Im not sayin you should remove all pernament bans and let people do what ever they want but u could give a chance those who PROVE their behiviour. I know lot people will maybe flame me but Riot i just want you to THINK about that. Just see if u could do somethin about pernament bans. If their atleas 1% chance for you guys to remove pernament ban i think everyone would try their best in the order to remove their pernament bans. If you guys have any idea put it in comment ill read ALL comments. Thank you for your time.

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