Report for anything?

Seriously, I'm pretty new to LoL but I know ton of stuff already, and I don't play bad in lanes. I tried jungle for first time PvP - I just told my team that I'm not that experienced with it, the first thing I hear "ok. report". "reported". "wtf" SERIOUSLY. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU. I wasn't even that bad in jngl for my first time PvP, they just keep telling me I feed, even though they had same amount of deaths like I did. I was ganged literally everywhere by 2-3 players. Well and me? Nobody helped me out of this team... This situation made me HATE jungling because people are really cruel. Everybody has to learn right? For the first time. What's wrong with you LoL community. I just want to know your opinion since you already read this shitty situation article.

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