Banned for using third party programs

Hey everyone, today i was banned for using a "third party software", im assuming this refers to cheats or something similar. I have never used anything in the likes while playing league or any other game for that matter and i think that somehow they (riot) are able to see other programs i would be running at the same time as league. Basicly my question is, are there any programs that i could be using that could interfere with league? I dont think spotify or any of those kind of programs could interfere since i have used them for years now but i am a coder and recently started codding on the same pc that i use to play league since it was upgraded and its my best machine to use so it just made sense. I've sent a ticket to the support team and im waiting for a reply to see if there is anything else we can do since its a 4+ year old account and i have invested a lot of time on it and im definitly not creating a new one. If anyone has had any past experiences like this one, were you able to sort it out? If yes, how? Hopefully ill be able to retrieve my account.
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