Banned permanently for someone else's behavior

So 1 year ago I lost my 7-year old account after someone in my team, in 2 continuous games wished cancer to people and was actively afk. In the 3rd game we just had a random troll. After I asked people in all chat(as well as my team did) for the opponents to make sure this guy gets banned, I got banned for it. Now to get permanently banned you have to think i said some heinous stuff, this is what i said "Report insert name he is wishing peoiple cancer". Yep. I got banned because i informed people that he wished us this. So after this I go to the league of legends support page and i'm thinking, well good at least now i can tell them of this and they can fix some problem with their report system banning people that didnt flame/curse. What I got? I was said that saying report even if it is valid is actually the same as flaming. It is important to add than none of the people reported for the flame i said earlier got banned, so i brought this up too. What they responded with was pretty much this " We dont care if the guy that wished people that got banned or not." After continuous comments and replies they stopped responding saying "we told you why you got banned, for saying the word report in all chat. Now if someone is not mentally ill he would know that the word report is not flame, and especially when it is directed at people that have actually flamed like this dude. Anyway long story short, besides not telling me the actual reason i got banned(and the other guy didnt, (eventhough they keep saying that 1 report is enough and if he is at fault he will get banned) they now stopped responding to the support ticket. How can you as a company be okay with this riot?

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