i already made this thread but at the end i pressed create a discussion so it deleted it instead of rewriting it i'll just release the censored chat logs Game 1 Pre-Game lBalancEl: no lBalancEl: speak english lBalancEl: who are you speaking to lBalancEl: ok lBalancEl: acceptable In-Game lBalancEl: damn lBalancEl: prob bought his acc lBalancEl: 1.2mil hard*tuck thresh lBalancEl: aram lBalancEl: ok? lBalancEl: vayne lBalancEl: i hook him near the wall lBalancEl: and u stun lBalancEl: ok lBalancEl: vayne lBalancEl: why lBalancEl: the %%%% you want me to do lBalancEl: i had CD lBalancEl: stop sleeping lBalancEl: %%%%%% lBalancEl: you're dog*hit lBalancEl: you type lBalancEl: while i grab yhim lBalancEl: yasuo tell them to speak %%%%ing english lBalancEl: so i know what the yare saying lBalancEl: hit him lBalancEl: against the wall lBalancEl: RE*TA*D lBalancEl: WATCH lBalancEl: THE CHAT lBalancEl: %%%%ING IDIOT lBalancEl: I PINGED lBalancEl: 5 SECOND COOLDOWN lBalancEl: STOP BEING SO BRAI*EAD lBalancEl: PLEASE lBalancEl: REPORT THIS DO*SHIT PREMADE ADC AND JG lBalancEl: I LITERALLY PING 5 SECOND COOLDOWN ON Q lBalancEl: AND SHE SAYS WHY AM I NOT DOING ANYTHING lBalancEl: yasuo tro*ngm lBalancEl: yasuo is a d*og lBalancEl: how do i stop being toxic lBalancEl: you are 0/5 lBalancEl: nidalee s*tfu lBalancEl: do*hit lBalancEl: WHAT lBalancEl: WHAT lBalancEl: WHAT SHOULD HAVE I DOEN lBalancEl: TELL ME lBalancEl: WHAT SHOULD I AHVE DOEN lBalancEl: VAYNE lBalancEl: WHAT DO I DO lBalancEl: VAYNE lBalancEl: TELL ME PELASE lBalancEl: WHAT DO I DO lBalancEl: TELL ME? lBalancEl: COME ON R*ARD lBalancEl: TELL ME WHAT DO I FU*ING DO lBalancEl: dog vayne lBalancEl: DOG lBalancEl: I PINGED YOu lBalancEl: JEBEM TI MATER GLUPU lBalancEl: WHY DID YOU GO IN lBalancEl: IF I PINGED lBalancEl: YOU TO GO BACK lBalancEl: YOU ARE BR*NZe lBalancEl: YOU ARE HAR**TUCK SILVER lBalancEl: NIDALEE CANT BOOST YOu lBalancEl: YOU ARE DO**SHIT lBalancEl: WHAT lBalancEl: TELL EM lBalancEl: NIDALEE lBalancEl: WHAT lBalancEl: I HAD NO MANA lBalancEl: SO I HAD TO RECALL lBalancEl: TELL ME YOU DO**IT PALYER lBalancEl: NIDALEE lBalancEl: COME ON lBalancEl: TELL ME lBalancEl: WHAT DO I DO lBalancEl: %%%%ING IDIOT lBalancEl: VAYNE YOU ARE A D**SHIT PLAYER lBalancEl: PLEASE S*FU lBalancEl: BEFORE I MUTE YOU lBalancEl: %%%%ING RE**RD lBalancEl: YOU 2 ARE PREMADE %%%%%%S lBalancEl: YOU 2 HAVE 1 BR**CELL COMBINED lBalancEl: I WILL MUTE YOUR D**bog da crko lBalancEl: dabog da ti cela porodica pomrla lBalancEl: od sida i raka lBalancEl: i tuberkoloze lBalancEl: jg and adc are such bra**ead d**hit players lBalancEl: its unbelieveable lBalancEl: how del**nal they are lBalancEl: its probably because they are too dumb to use discord to lBalancEl: speak to each other lBalancEl: that just goes to explain how br***ead lBalancEl: they are lBalancEl: 7/11 lBalancEl: nidalee lBalancEl: you are do***it lBalancEl: stay in bronze lBalancEl: or play urf lBalancEl: you dont belong here lBalancEl: yasuo can you please report these bra*dead duo players lBalancEl: and? lBalancEl: you are 9/14 lBalancEl: you do*shit lBalancEl: f*king dog lBalancEl: you are use*ss lBalancEl: you are %%%%ing use*ss lBalancEl: you understand that lBalancEl: its like protecting a pile of g*bage lBalancEl: report botlane %%%%%% Post-Game lBalancEl: please lBalancEl: report these do*shit jg and adc lBalancEl: absoloute aut*tic players lBalancEl: so %%%%ing aut*tic lBalancEl: they kep flaming lBalancEl: me lBalancEl: in gypsy lBalancEl: language i had a hardstuck 0/5 yasuo in early game and a english-otherlanguage speaking jg and adc premade they kept flaming me while i pinged them that i didnt have Q up or when i told them to go back i am so fkin fuming because of this system riot please allow us to show the full chat logs of our teammates and everything this isnt fair LET US SHOW THE FULL CHAT LOGS
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