Riot. Do something about this Bull**** (warning... colourful language ahead)

I'm getting sick and tired over the trolls in the game. This annoyingly anal little brats who act like they have their keyboards pressed WAY too hard against their prostates, who hold the game to ransom because they didn't get their lane... their champ... their buff... ITS GETTING OUT OF FUCKING HAND! Worst are the ones who act like nothing is wrong, everything netflix and chill on their end despite ruining the experience for everyone and racking up a decent score without helping anyone! I've played WAAAAAY too many games now where i take an an ADC only to have a sivir support, or a vayne support. WAAAAY too many games where i'll go jungle only to find another jungler right beside me ready and waiting to steal my buffs and ruin my run forcing me to relegate myself to whatever role they were meant to be left with. WAAAAAY too many FUCKING GAMES where i take a support bot lane only to find myself paired with a soraka, a morgana, a blitz or sona forcing me and everyone else into a game we cannot hope to win! I love the game, but this community is more cancerous that the inside of Deadpool's left asscheek and you need to curb this behaviour. Decent players who get on here to chill are ending up with the shit end of the deal because this situation is so common in lower tiers of ranked and normals that its rage inducing... and with no way for an advocate system to back up anyone nor any way to explain your side of the situation when some troll decides to report you because you were left to die in several 2 v 1 teamfights (because, fuck, the owl above red is so much more fucking interesting than helping someone 2 feet away) you're going to end up pushing away newer players or those who REALLY want to contribute to the better players of the community. I suppose the worst part of this is, when there is a situation like this there is no way to bail from the game and save face without incurring a penalty.... too many "Fuck this shit i'm out" moments because its a soraka sona bot lane feeding vayne while mid lays empty because mundo just had to fight jax over jungle and tops afk and you might as well give your pc the old ice bucket challenge because Riot doesn't seem to care that you clawed your way out of lvl 1-30 only to be dealt this bullshit. Yes... its venting... but **GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I'M GETTING SICK OF THIS **
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