I like to say gg easy and I don't get banned

The best thing about life is gg easy Because of the GREAT benefits it has to fail to say it must be punishable by permaban as there is no reason not to say it after you know of its GREAT benefits: 1. You must let them know that you performed the entire thing with ease, otherwise you are ethically responsible because you deceived them into thinking they are close in level to you 2. It brings to attention a new perspective on everything that happened in the game which conflicts with the perspective that it was not easy, producing ambiguity, giving room to ponder 4. It's beauty is that it undercuts the whole game 5. It is an important final note because it attempts to define the game in an unexpected way, which is a better final note than the breaking of the nexus, which is almost always expected 6. It brings happiness and prosperity to those around you 7. Every time you say gg easy, a fairy is born 8. Many poets have written about the virtues of the statement of gg easy, which are too long to list here Jax for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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