Losing my paitence with toxic players

I always took pride in being an example of a 'well behaved player'. However, in the last week I find my patience wearing thin and I can't deal with it the way I used to. Its the usual stuff we've come to know too well: picking on you over everyone else who are doing badly like they have some personal grudge etc. But instead of standing up for myself with my usual grace, such as turning the person's own warped logic on themselves, or helping them to look foolish, I'm resorting to telling people to 'shut up', 'f-ck off', or calling them 'toxic t-ats'. I've even changed my status message from something cute about my rescue Pigeons (yes I rescue injured Pigeons in the town, have 4 currently) to 'Die, you toxic t-ats' instead, after I became so fed up. In the last match I had some one use Autism as an insult, which is particularly enraging as I am actually Autistic. I don't know where using Autistic or Aspie as an insult came from but I hate it with a passion and whoever first started doing it can die horribly for all I care...Ugh, see what I mean? What's even more disheartening is I only just came back after taking a month out from League due to stress and I'm already so fed up. of course from my experiences on this community before, I expect that if told you that when I'm really p-ssed off with these people I think of how nice it would be if they all died, that way I'd get some peace; that you'd all start calling me the horrible person, like when I referred to someone who threatened rape as inhuman, people started making out like I was wrong for doing so. The fact that I live in a world where people will defend someone who threatened rape from being called inhuman depresses me.
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